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Footwork Dance Studio is a Centre of Dance Excellence on the Costa Blanca.


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Whether it is just for fun, fitness or future, we have classes for everyone.

Dance Classes Los Montesinos

Footwork Dance Studios which is based in Los Montesinos offers a high level
of teaching for children and adults in a fun, friendly, caring & professional environment.

All our classes are booked and paid for monthly in advance, in case of low
booking attendance in a class the class may be amalgamated or cancelled.

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Tots Classes

A lovely introduction to the world of Dance, Acro & Musical theatre.
3 different classes to choose from or take part in all 3!

Talent Tots

Incorporating 3 different styles, including Modern, Tap & Ballet, taught in a fun and exciting way to keep little minds engaged.

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Tots Acro / Tumble Tots

An introduction to acro, learning some basic tricks. Warming up, stretching, flexibility & practising our tricks.

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Tots Musical Theatre

A fun & lively class with singing, dancing and action songs, mime and spoken dialogue, a great interactive class.

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Lil Beatz

Lil Beatz is an urban/street dance class with a difference! From Hip Hop Nursery Rhymes to Reggae, Afrobeats to Bhangra & Dancehall To RnB. Lil Beatz is a true fusion of styles from around the world.

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Classical ballet is the core foundation in the majority of dance styles. It offers the student not only a sound technique but also discipline, posture, deportment, strength and flexibility. The students start with basic technique then go onto classes following through a structure with french definitions. Once pupils reach the required standard and strength they then go onto pointework. Taught in a positive and fun way ballet can capture the love of dance forever. We teach children from 2.5 years through to Adult following the ISTD & IDTA Syllabi.

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A popular class here at Footwork with nearly 15 classes to choose from! We follow the ISTD & IDTA syllabi but also do lots of freework using a diverse selection of music. It is a relaxed rhythmic style and fits in perfectly with the other genres of dance helping with musicality and rhythm.

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A popular form of dance which takes its influences from current theatrical trends and is often seen in choreography on West End stages. The style uses kicks, leaps, turns and travelling steps, it is full of energy and needs equal amount of technique, strength & flexibility, this style also incorporates Jazz & Lyrical. This class is taught from 2.5 years through to adults, again following the ISTD & IDTA Syllabi but also with freework.

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“Acro” as it is commonly known, is working on our strength and flexibility. Students will go through a warm up before going onto to learn lots of tricks, from splits to walkovers, balances to partner and teamwork . We start these classes with the tots learning the basics & developing good technique, through to our different age groups & finishing with our advanced acro classes.

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Lyrical combines modern & classical ballet, free flowing with kicks, turns, & beautiful leaps. It can be soft & gentle but still requires strength, stamina & technique.

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Contemporary is a beautiful form of dance connecting the mind and body, it is a combination of different genres from modern, jazz, lyrical & classical ballet, telling a story from the soul. It has a free element to it but still a discipline for control, strength & relaxation in equal manners.

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This class is very popular with our younger students and seniors alike! Following trends of the dance industry this style can be quick, intricate and great fun! Our street classes are from 6 years and commercial from 11 years.

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This class is a combination of ballet and pilates, some standing exercises and some floorwork. It is a great class to improve balance and control, the ballet exercises are performed with the feet parallel to help with balance and there are some gentle stretching exercises, we then go onto the floor, gentle stretch and strengthening exercises which vary each week to help tone and strengthen the whole body. A lovely class to move and stretch in helping to lengthen the body and tone the muscles.

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Tai Chi

Our Tai Chi class is meditation in motion, calming and relaxing the mind and the body. Gentle flowing exercises to help remove blockages from the Meridians ( the energy lines throughout the body) and let the Chi energy flow. The exercises are normally all standing but can be done sitting, We do have a lovely meditation in the middle of the class too. This class is ideal for everyone, if you have a fast paced life and need to chill, you want a gentle class with a little bit of movement to help keep the joints mobile.

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AdultStudent Classes

For those who are interested we perform shows throughout the year, take part in Fiestas, enter competitions and exams in the ISTD and IDTA syllabi. Students who wish to take their training that one step further Footwork Dance Studios can prepare you for vocational Performing Arts School or the professional world whether that would be as a performer or teacher.

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